Looking out behind them

The Pantomime might have its origins elsewhere but it has grown into a very British tradition which, like holiday wine, does not travel well.

Every year stars flock to take on roles full of corny jokes,some of which were probably old in Shakespeare's time, with characters struggling to manage two dimensional and plots that came out of the ark, and we love it.

Unlikely stars of panto have seen the likes of the late Sir Patrick Moore, Gok Wan, Pamela Anderson, Anne Widdecombe, Mickey Rooney, at 87, and even Sir Ian McKellen as Widow Twankey all looking out behind them.

This year Wolverhampton Grand presents Aladdin, a traditional tale of love and genies, old jokes – and some new ones – and well-rehearsed, slick routines.

Here three of the stars talk about what to expect.

Lisa Riley

Ian Adams

Doreen Tipton

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