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Gray O_ Brien (Inspector Levine), Patrick Duffy ( Daniel Corban) and Linda Purl (Elizabeth Corban). Picture: Jack Merriman

Catch Me If You Can

Malvern Theatres


Blink and be transported from the Malvern Hills to a lodge in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York navigating a meandering road of deceit and murder with a few Hollywood stars thrown in for good measure.

Not to be confused with the Spielberg film with the same name about con artist Frank Abagnale Jr, Catch Me If you Can at Malvern Theatres this week is based on a French play Trap for a Lonely Man by Robert Thomas and rewritten by Jack Weinstock and Willie Gilbert in 1965.

Quietly spoken and rather highly strung Daniel Corban, Patrick Duffy from Dallas fame, attempts to convince disbelieving Inspector Levine, Coronation Street’s Gray O’Brien, to search for his newly married wife Elizabeth on Labour Day Weekend of all times.

When Father Kelleher, Soldier Soldier’s Ben Nealon, brings Elizabeth Corban, Happy Days star Linda Purl, home to Daniel, the mystery takes on multiple turns and dangerously sharp corners as all is not as it seems and nobody seems to be who they say they are.

After the gentle incline of the first Act, the second Act starts with a bang as Sidney, Hugh Futcher, delivers some brunch to the married couple and gets more than he bargained for as far as tips are concerned. As Everett Parker, Paul Lavers, owner of the lodge turns up expecting a romantic weekend away with latest squeeze “Mrs Parker”, Chloe Zeitounian, the body count is on the rise and the twists and turns lead to a dizzying conclusion which most certainly was not expected or predicted.

There were lots of laughs and an unexpected finale making it an enjoyable affair for all, it was obvious the cast were enjoying themselves and the chemistry between real life couple Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl was electric. “And that’s the end of that.”

Catch it if you can at Malvern Theatres until Saturday March 26th, available from the Box Office 01684 892277 or online.

Emma Trimble


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